Imagine yourself on your first day of vacation in a new city, having just woken up in the nice hotel you booked months ago, ready to explore and discover what this new place is all about. Imagine going down the stairs to the breakfast room only to discover that most of what is served is animal based and you're left eating bread with jam. Finally, imagine that you just paid 40€ for that breakfast.

That's the situation that we experienced on one of our vacations and that is how the idea for VegTrip was born.

About us

We've always been passionate about traveling and when we, for ethical and health reasons, decided to adopt a whole food plant based diet a few years back we suddenly found ourselves facing a problem.

How would we keep this up while traveling when it was already difficult enough in our home town?

Sure, there are more and more vegetarian restaurants popping up but wouldn't it be ideal if the hotel itself could supply vegetarian and vegan meals? When we started to look, we discovered that there were actually quite a few vegetarian hotels around, but they were difficult to find. Regular hotel sites did not offer any help in this regard so we decided to leverage our experience from the hospitality industry and create our own service for all our fellow plant based travelers.

About VegTrip

VegTrip is a search engine for vegetarian and vegan hotels to facilitate travel planning for vegetarians, vegans or anyone interested in a healthy vacation. Since its launch in early 2013 we have gone from a few dozen hotels to almost 400 hundred in over 50 countries and there are new ones added almost every week. The site has also regularly evolved and many new features have seen the light of day. A few months ago we launched our first apps!

Building upon our philosophy of ethical and sustainable living the site is 100% free to use and there are no charges for hoteliers to add their properties. If you have, or know of, a hotel, health center or B&B which you believe is suitable for this site, add it now to reach out to a whole community of vegetarian and vegan travelers.

VegTrip is regularly evolving so make sure to connect with us on Facebook or Twitter to stay updated with the latest information. We are also very happy for comments and suggestions. If you want to help promote ethical and healthy travel, please share our site with your friends or link to us on your blog or website.

The VegTrip team


Disclaimer: All information on this site is provided as-is and has either been provided by the hotels themselves or sourced from their websites. VegTrip takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information. Always check the hotel's own website to be sure to have up-to-date information. If you see a problem with a hotel description, don't hesitate to let us know by using the contact form.