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Our valued guests can enjoy the lovely private beach featuring a sunbathing area and dock, just in front of the Loving Hut Inn.
A quiet, peaceful location with shade trees and a hedge provides beachgoers with a lovely atmosphere to fully enjoy their holiday on the lake.

Umbrellas, recliners, changing facilities and restrooms as well as a swing set for children are all available at no charge.
Thanks to Lake Klopeiner’s excellent water quality, beautiful water lilies – a protected plant species – grow near the shore.

Thermal springs from the lake’s floor maintain the lake’s temperature at up to 28 °C in summer, making Lake Klopein the warmest lake in Austria!

Rooms between 72 and 90 EUR

Address / Contact

Am See XII 7/7a
Sankt Kanzian
+43 (0)4239 40150

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