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PachaMama is an oasis of an alternative lifestyle. It's a place to dive into a transformative spiritual voyage, rejuvenate the body, connect with nature and celebrate life. The community is located on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica in a forested valley. PachaMama was founded 12 years ago by Tyohar and fellow travelers who responded to the invitation to manifest together a commune that embraces a new way of life. Ever since it was founded, the oasis became a gathering place for people from all over the world, creating a colorful and unique energy field.

Living in PachaMama means living closely with nature. Most accommodations are half open, encircled by a lush forest and are designed for living in simplicity. All casitas, cottages and bungalows are within walking distance from the center of the village.

Rooms between 40 and 130 USD

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Costa Rica
+506-878 589 49

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