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When the creators of The Sanctuary first arrived on the Islands, they found sandy roads, abundant jungle and thatched roofed, wooden bungalows. If you go to The Sanctuary today, guess what you will find: sandy roads, abundant jungle and thatched roofed, wooden bungalows. Sure the amenities are comfortably modern, you’ll find western bathrooms and aircon but with a delightfully playfull twist.

The Sanctuary is a rustic beach front resort, boutique in nature, off the beaten track, rather remote with a real jungle/forest feel to our rooms and halls and open beach front restaurant. All our rooms & beautiful houses are very comfortable, each with their own special features. We also offer many unique services with our detox packages, highly successful weight loss program, School of Life workshops and of course our world famous vegetarian and seafood restaurant.

Amidst all of this you will discover beauty and nature (yes there are frogs, geckos, monkeys, stunning hornbills, birds, & even snakes perhaps if you are lucky and yes .. there are mosquitos’ too.) and hopefully enjoy being your self in paradise.

Located right on the beach, The Sanctuary was established in 1991 as an alternative healing center. Since that time, our friendly refuge has blossomed into a unique resort offering beautiful houses, comfortable bungalows and budget dorms tucked in harmoniously with the boulders and trees surrounding Had Tien Beach. Our incredible kitchen staff have created a special menu with over 300 vegetarian and seafood menu items, including healthy, fresh baked goods. For those of you indulging in one of our detox programs, we provide a separate menu that supports your needs. Our specially trained spa team offer a menu to relax & pamper you and maintain our Cinnamon & Lemongrass steam-room at optimum temperature for detox & relaxation.

We have a full range of detox options, from fruit fasts & gentle cleanses to full detox programs. Our detox center also specializes in realistic, gentle weight-loss and Candida programs. We offer 3 yoga classes per day catering to all levels. Day trips, kayaking, snorkeling all add to the distractions if you need to be encouraged out of your beach front hammock. Add to this the eclectic mix of our guests and you can be sure of a special beach holiday.

Consider taking a vacation that is truly reinvigorating. More than 50% of our guests are regulars, coming back year after year. Here they have developed fun, healthy long-term relationship with their body and minds. Find out what this special place can do for you

Rooms between 1870 and 5990 THB

Address / Contact

Haad Tien Bay
Koh Pha Ngan
+66 81 271 3614

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