About The Hotel

Imagine a secret garden with greens and flowers, mature trees and fruits, places to rest and to meditate, surrounded by a tradtitional Spanish wall - mellow winds carrying sweet scents... sitting by a refreshing pool, glistening in the sun.

All in the heart of the Mayan land and culture, close to ancient places, sacred caves, and blessed waters, and not far away from the most beautiful beaches of Tulum.

We are a raw and vegan place with emphasis on High Carb, Low Fat, Raw and Vegan Food, open for you to experience.

For everyone else, there are plenty of food options and Restaurants in the city, from vegetarian to traditional Mexican fare!

We even have a real Italian Pizzeria here who also caters to vegans!

Come to the heartland of the Mayan culture, where prophecies are alive - celebrate with us - and be part of a positive change.

Rooms between 120 and 120 USD

Address / Contact

Calle 41, 255 D
+52 985-107-5715

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Nearby Veggie Places

Casa Italia Restaurant Vegetarian-Friendly 1.3 km

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