About The Hotel

We offer various choices, from charming tents on the beachfront, to luxurious cottages on a hillock that offer panoramic vistas of the forest, beach and Arabian Sea.

All 22 units have unique views, all witness to an eternity of waves cresting and washing ashore in majestic progression.

Each unit is independent of its neighbours, while maintaining complete privacy with individual entrances, walkways, bathrooms and toilets.

With 200 meters of beach frontage, every unit has generous open spaces around it, providing a tranquil and peaceful ambience.

None of our units have televisions, telephones or calling bells. This is our way to assure you complete privacy.

For those who prefer their sea breeze au naturel, we recommend our tents and the adjacent mud hut, which have ample window coverage to extract the most ventilation possible, while preserving the splendid view. We also have several non- A/C cottages and step- cottages located a short uphill walk away!

Set on a gentle hillside, yet a minute’s walk from the beach, our A/C cottages are unique and each one offers a different take on the tradition coastal architecture. Embellished with several local touches in the form of paintings, murals and objects d’art, your senses will have plenty to feast on!

Rooms between 5500 and 10000 INR

Address / Contact

Dombe Village
+91 - 94498 17535

Hotel amenities

Air conditioning

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