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CENTRUL DE SANATATE PODIS is a Health Center that brings together the therapeutic possibilities of a resort with modern health-care facilities capable of improving or reversing health problems.

Stays can only be booked for a period of 11 days. Proper nutrition is essential for maintaining or regaining health. During your stay, central kitchen allows you to enjoy tasty and healthy foods at the same time. Most patients will experience the benefits of a vegetarian diet without cholesterol, rich in vitamins, phytochemicals and fiber.

To continue the program at home, you can attend cooking classes and health seminars explaining the basic principles of proper nutrition. It is difficult to summarize in a few lines the beneficial effects of diet at Podis, as these are numerous and diverse, influencing the body for the better.

The most common are:
• decrease in total cholesterol
• normalize blood glucose in diabetics
• weight loss in overweight
• lowering blood pressure in hypertensive
• relieve pain of rheumatic diseases

The Podis Program has been applied for over a century in international health centers, the results of this approach is scientifically validated through multiple studies. Natural remedies used are grouped into eight categories: sunlight, fresh air, proper diet, water hydration, temperance, exercise, rest, mental and spiritual balance.

During the stay of 11 days, the center offers a wealth of resources which are simple but very effective in promoting natural healing mechanisms. Specialists Podis Health Center provides quality information support, personal counseling, seminars, various informational materials in Romanian.

Whether you are healthy or sick, here you will find a favorable environment to get rid of all the unhealthy habits. Natural atmosphere, facilities center, various activities during your stay, are all designed to give you maximum chances of success.

Rooms between 98 and 196 USD

Address / Contact

Sat Podis, Comuna Margineni, Judetul Bacau, CP 607319
+40 (0)735.180.001 / +40 (0)372.764.218 / +40 (0)745.106.461

Hotel amenities

Other Therapeutic massage
Other Cooking Classes
Other Medical consultations
Other Lifestyle assessment
Other Stop smoking programs

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