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In the midst of a splendid natural setting of rolling hills beautiful forests and singing birds, you will find a friendly and warm family atmosphere. Herghelia is a wellness center which not only respects its guests but also offers them the comfort of a resort.

Reservations can only be made for a complete 11 days stay. Each room contains two beds, a private bath and balcony. The meals are served in an enjoyable and cozy dining hall with indoor and outdoor seating. Of course the outdoor seating offers sweeping views of the fields and hills.

The delicious vegetarian food, is served in an attractive and appealing manner, like a Swedish buffet, by a kind and well-trained staff.

Centrul Lifestyle Herghelia - Health and Lifestyle Center Hergelia - Mures is part of a non-profit (Center for Health and Preventive Medicine) entity whose aim is to increase the physical, mental, social and spiritual moral, through health education and preventive medicine, done in a professional manner in accordance with the progress of medical science and spirituality. Our doctors, nurses and hydro therapists have been trained in Lifestyle centers in Norway and the U.S. and promote integrated medical treatment with an emphasis on natural lifestyle.

The first guests arrived at the Herghelia Lifestyle Center in 1996 when the gates of a unique medical center with a vegetarian diet were opened. The building has room for more than 50 guests as well as, treatment rooms, medical offices, and a laboratory for biochemical blood tests. Since then, 10,000 health guests have passed through our doors and have taken advantage of the services we offer in our program such as: hydrotherapy procedures, massage, dry and humid sauna, jacuzzi, supervised physical exercise, medical consultation and biochemical tests, medical lectures, anti-stress programs, family counseling etc.

The center offers you rehabilitation services for chronic habits and diseases common in “our civilization” such as: cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, rheumatoid arthritis, stress based diseases, stop smoking program, weight control, primary medical assistance and individual nutritional counseling.

Herghelia is unique among such health centers because nutrition and diet are taught and provided to everyone as part of the treatment.It is evident that many people suffer from a poor lifestyle. The most important thing one can do to immediately improve ones health is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. As a result, the treatment offered at CSMPR Herghelia focuses on lifestyle improvement through nutrition, physical exercise, medicinal herbs, physiotherapy (hydrotherapy and Swedish massage) to name a few.

The rehabilitation program is based on the 8 principles of health we call NEW START which stands for: Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunshine, Temperance, Air, Rest, and Trust in Divine Power. It is difficult to implement these principles on your own at home. Here at Herghelia Lifestyle Center our staff are ready to assist and motivate you in making changes which will improve your quality of life immediately!

Rooms between 75 and 75 EUR

Address / Contact

Ceuasu de Campie, Cod. 547140
Targu Mures
+40 (0)265 324 010 or +40 (0)265 324 012

Hotel amenities

Excercise gym
Indoor pool
Other Lifestyle therapy
Other Medical screening
Other Nutrition and vegetarian cooking classes
Other Anti-stress programs
Other Stop smoking programs
Other Weight control programs
Other Relaxing massage
Other Phytotherapy
Other Kinetotherapy
Other Hydrotherapy

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