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Welcome to The Beehive Hotel - a stylish, budget, eco-conscious hotel/hostel owned by an American couple, Linda & Steve, who came to Rome to follow a dream.In 1999 we packed up our apartment in Los Angeles and, along with our 2 cats moved to Rome and opened The Beehive, a unique cross between a budget hotel and an upscale hostel - a place where you can feel at home. Everything about The Beehive Hotel reflects our own personal values - we're conscious about the environment, passionate about social issues, and genuinely want to be helpful and hospitable. We love to share the kind of information that helps you get the most out of your travels. Over the years The Beehive has evolved along with us and our many repeat guests. With our amazing onsite staff and manager, all of our guests receive our dedication and effort to helping you get the best out of your holiday. As always, we want you to know you have a safe haven and friends in Rome.We offer snacks, drinks, breakfast every day, Saturday and Sunday brunch, and vegan buffets 3 evenings a week, all with healthy, organic food including homemade pancakes with real maple syrup, omelettes and homemade bread and bagels. With advance notice, we can make arrangements to accommodate gluten or dairy intolerances. Please note that cooking by guests in the Café is not allowed. Only our off-site guestrooms have their own cooking facilities.

Rooms between 70 and 100 EUR

Address / Contact

Via Marghera, 8
+39 0644704553

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