About The Hotel

Organic and vegetarian guest-house with double and single rooms in the northern Black Forest of Germany. Pension Sonne also has a restaurant offering vegetarian cuisine and organically grown food.

Bio-Gasthaus Pension Sonne is conveniently located in Sun Simmersfeld and has ample parking and space for relaxing - a terrace garden and green meadows.

There are:
5 double rooms with balcony,
2 apartments, one with balcony,
1 apartment with 2 bedrooms and a kitchen

All rooms have TV and telephone connection,
bathroom with shower and toilet. On request there is also our in-house sauna.

A separate room is suited for conferences, lectures and parties for up to 25 people.

Rooms between 22 and 67 EUR

Address / Contact

Freudenstädter Straße 8
72226 Simmersfeld
07484 - 385

Hotel amenities

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