About The Hotel

Our cabins with a fantastic view of the sea are here for you to enjoy.
Watch as the sun sets on the horizon, and then, when the sun slowly rises you are still sound asleep on our organic mattresses and sheets.

In the morning a delicious organic breakfast is served in our lounge
or if you prefer on the balcony to view the sea.

Our concept at HavRo is to provide you with a tranquil and harmonious environment. We believe that all of us need a place where we can "just be".

This is a place to relax, so we simply do not offer any scheduled activities. If you are looking for a little bit of action though, you are very welcome to join us for evening discussions on different topics like “healthy food”, organically grown herbs and crops, cooking, or perhaps you recently read a book you would like to tell us about. Your choice.

The shore is near and for you to enjoy. The weather gods offer sun, rain, mist, calm, sea-breeze and thundering storms.
Whatever the weather...your stay at HavRo will be "of comfort to your soul"!

At Havro we use as much of organically grown produce as possible. The meals we serve are strictly vegetarian and the ingredients are organically grown. All herbs and some of the vegetables are from our own garden.

The heating is all renewable energy, sun panels and wood heating.

Rooms between 900 and 900 SEK

Address / Contact

Lynga 120
+46(0)346-941 12

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