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In the heart of Wermland close to a lake with open nature you find Risäters Herrgård. The retreat center is from the end of year 1600 and with its beauty and peace it offers you something extraordinary.

For more than 10 years it has been a center for educations in the area of health and spirituality. Educations like massage, reflexology, free movement dance, yoga and shamanic ceremony.

The place is filled with harmony and you will definitely feel this energy. This gives you an opportunity to relax deeply and at the same time focus more easily on your teachings.

The retreat center is for smaller groups around 25-35 people that can live, eat and study here. You can have the whole place for yourself without being disturbed. The only people that is there is our crew members that will support you during your stay at Risäter.

Here you have a sauna, a big open grass field that goes down to the lake were you have your own private beach. The nature is strong, beautiful and serene. Here you will be able to optimize your retreat, your course or whatever gathering that is focused around human potential.

Rooms between 700 and 700 SEK

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+46-(0)563-603 06

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