About The Hotel

The Atlanta is run on conservative principles and fosters traditional values. The Atlanta caters to respectable families and couples for whom there are small (one bedroom) and large (two bedroom) suites

A Budget Hotel for Lovers of Good Food

We offer:
- Our unique and famous annotated menu
- An acclaimed breakfast menu
- A family-oriented western lunch and dinner menu;
a revival of the kind and style of western cooking that took place in The Atlanta's kitchen in the 1950s and 1960s
- Excellent Thai food
- The largest selection of Thai VEGETARIAN dishes in the world
- An informative menu of Thai wines

We aim to further environmentally responsible tourism by reducing The Atlanta's own carbon footprint through:

- the use of locally made materials and appliances with environmentally friendly certification
- the use of energy-saving lightbulbs throughout
- fan-cooled public areas
- helping guests reduce their carbon footprint during their stay through use of local produce and ingredients in the kitchen whenever possible

The Atlanta is an old-fashioned place of charm and genteel character in downtown Bangkok with the secluded and secure atmosphere of a private club and the facilities of a small resort for sleaze-free and wholesome tourism.

Run on conservative principles and imperiously heedless of fashions and trends, The Atlanta is untouched by pop culture and post-modern primitivism. Its style and atmosphere hark back to gentler and more cultivated times.

The Atlanta is popular with cultured occidentals, with writers, academics, artists, cinema & theatre and other professional people, with dreamers and innocuous eccentrics, and their families, who can afford to stay at more expensive places but choose to stay at The Atlanta.

Rooms between 1850 and 1850 THB

Address / Contact

78 Soi 2 Sukhumvit Road
(+ 66-2) 252 6069

Hotel amenities

Outdoor pool

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