About The Hotel

Mani Sonnenlink is a Multifunctional Vital Energy Feng Shui Resort offering apartments, bungalows, seminar and meditation rooms, a Greek open air theater and excellent organic cuisine.

A wide range of seminars and workshops take place throughout the year, and during July and August the International Music Festival takes place at the open air theater.

Embedded in a beautiful, natural garden, located on a hillside and overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, Mani Sonnenlink is a place of relaxation and regeneration, inspiring body, mind and soul.

The great pleasure of being in the midst of nature can be enjoyed every day: swimming in the crystal clear, deep blue sea, walking on old donkey trails or hiking in the mountains, exploring historical sites or old churches will make each of your excursions an adventure.

Mani Sonnenlink is a wonderful place to relax and unwind, both in summer and winter, thanks to an efficient heating system, the wonderful light and good energy prevailing here.

From 2012 it is the first certified organic hotel in Greece and thus it is the southernmost in Europe.

Rooms between 65 and 115 EUR

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Hotel amenities

Air conditioning
Breakfast also half board available, all organic.
Courses several workshops available
Internet wifi available, but will be disabled during night for a relaxing sleep.
Lake small natural pond
Pets allowed upon request
Yoga Morning yoga class from March until approx. October, 6 times per week

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