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The "Eden'' Center for Health and Preventive Medicine in Breaza, in the county of Prahova, Romania, is a medical settlement with an activity of more than 10 years, based primarily on the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases typical for our modern civilization (atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases which it brings about, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and nutritional diseases, diseases of the locomotor apparatus, autoimmune diseases, diseases of the digestive tract, stress and its consequences, neoplasies. etc.) by the simple means of a correct diet (as close as possible to the initial diet given to mankind by their Creator) joined with medical physical exercise adapted to the particular needs of the patients, hydrotherapy and the use of herbal teas and fruit or vegetable juices, along with quitting one's vices (smoking, alcohol consumption. etc.).

All these actually constitute a radical change of lifestyle, which will prove its efficiency both in the prevention and in the significant improvement or even healing of many of these diseases.

Besides all these treatment methods, the spiritual counseling of patients, based on the principles of Christian ethics and on the teachings springing from the Holy Scriptures, constitute the cornerstone of any treatment form employed in the "Eden" Health Center, leading to a close relationship between the medical staff and the patients and bringing about as a result of trust in the love and protecting power of God, as well as a peace of mind that is extremely important in the healing of diseases, generally, as well as in the improvement of incurable patients and also causing the formation of an invincible shield in the battle against the inherent hardships of life.

The presentations on medical topics, which are held by the medical staff, as well as the vegetarian cooking classes, along with the practical demonstrations constitute, also, an undeniable advantage of the admission in the Eden Health Center.

A treatment admission last at least 2 weeks.

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