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Camp Biche is a week-long house party where you get fit, lose weight, eat delicious vegan food, drink wine, and have fun.

Camp Biche is designed to help you lose inches in the most pleasant way possible and to fine-tune your eating and exercising habits so that when you return home, you’ll effortlessly incorporate movement and healthy eating into your daily routine.

Most of our clients are surprised that they don’t feel hungry during their week at Camp Biche. We’ll teach you how to cook delicious meals that don’t require calorie counting. We’ll teach you short, equipment-less exercise routines that you can do at home or while you’re on the road.

During our signature seven-night, six-day Kickstart program, most of our clients lose around 8% of their total body fat and multiple inches from their waistlines. Everyone markedly improves their fitness levels and stamina.

Each day starts with an intensive abs reduction class before you embark on a fat-burning three to four hour hike through the gorgeous countryside, accompanied by our cheery, bi-lingual English & French guides.

In addition, there are two hours a day of either, Yoga, Pilates, circuit training, or Zumba. Class offerings depend upon the instructor.

This year, by popular demand we are now including gourmet vegan cooking classes each afternoon so that you’ll be able to recreate the Camp Biche magic at home.

You’ll eat three, delicious plant-based meals a day.

You’ll enjoy wine with all your dinners.

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