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Located at Chuzomsa at an elevation of 5000ft, about 10 kilometers east of Wangdiphodrang Dzong and overlooking the Dangchu river, the Resort basks amidst alpine scenery. Every visitor is lavished with genuine Bhutanese hospitality and friendly service.

With 25 delightful rooms and a suite, the Kyichu resort is a true oasis of comfort. Built in architecture of traditional splendour, hotel has comfortable tastefully furnished rooms opening on to a private balcony from where you can watch the first rays of sun paint the high rides in the morning or soak in the soft Himalayan sunset.

The superb Bhutanese vegetarian cuisine served in its modern restaurant, is a real treat. A team of chefs and caterers provide a range of international and local cuisine in the most authentic flavour, from Bhutanese delicacies to the hot tandoor oven ,and other favorites.

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14001 Wangd├╝ Phodrang
Wangdi Phodrang

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