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Serenity Cove Cove is a natural healing and retreat center in a serene mountain setting. The staff provides a professional safe space to enhance the spiritual, physical, emotional and mental well being in support of the body healing itself naturally.

Open yourself to the physical wellness, spiritual growth, emotional balance and mental well being. Believe you can heal yourself. Serenity Cove offers chemically and environmentally sensitive clients relief to allow them to heal, in a mold free environment as well.

Serenity Cove attracts individuals who want to be as self sufficient as possible in their life style and their health including solar energy, gardens, wood burning stoves and a solar well water tank.This is a substantial community forming-believing in being as self sufficient as possible.

Rooms between 85 and 200 USD

Address / Contact

9125 Asheville Highway
United States
(423) 798-0537

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