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In 1902 Waldemar Kahnert, a wealthy master furrier, had a vision to build a summer cottage in Nipissing in the mirror image of his Toronto home. So in the heart of the Great Outdoors he commissioned his brother-in-law Lloyd to build what is today Piebird.

Our meals are homegrown, whole-food-focused, and vegan / vegetarian. As a nutrition consultant and whole food educator, Sherry thrives on creating meals with the health of our bodies and the planet in mind. If you have food allergies or a special dietary request, let us know ahead of time and you will be happily accommodated.

Every room in the house still bears all of the original embossed copper walls and tin ceilings. In fact most everything is as it was a century ago. That sometimes makes it difficult to keep the line between the past and the present. Each worn wood stair is a gentle reminder of what histories have come before this.

The Victorian-era architecture of Piebird, with such regard for well-thought-out simplicity is a rarity now and was an anomaly then. Upstairs, the large bedroom windows have captured over one hundred year of sunlight and still look out over farmfields and ferns.

Rooms between 275 and 275 CAD

Address / Contact

113 Chapmans Landing Rd
Nipissing Village
705 724-1144

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