About The Hotel

Emma Hostel is located in a four-storey tenement house of historical value, in Warsaw 25 Wilcza street, within a walking distance from ‘Centrum’ tube station (10-minute walk) and Central Railway Station (15-minute walk).

It is crucial for us that the place is available for everybody, also for those who are travelling with their pets. Our hostel is a peaceful, family-like place. In particular we invite activists from informal groups or collectives, workers and volunteers of non-governmental organizations (ask us for a discount). The elderly and people who organize festivals will find special offers tailor-made for them.

We are eco-friendly and segregate trash. We are doing our best to make sure sanitary products and detergents are biodegradable and not produced by large corporations. All the furnishings are wooden, made partly from secondhand wood. We offer our guests and visitors free tea, coffee and breakfast. We try to use only ecological products .

Rooms between 170 and 200 PLN

Address / Contact

Wilcza Str. 25/4
+48 22 6297695

Hotel amenities

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