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Willa Slawa is a guesthouse in Szczawnica—a spa town in the Pieniny Mountain Range in the South of Poland.

Our town is known for its picturesque location, and most of all for its multiple springs, which have been used for treating respiratory and rheumathological illnesses for centuries.

You can engage in various outdoor activites in each of the four seasons, such as skiing, cross-country ski tours, kayaking down the Dunajec River, trekking, bicking, horse riding, tennis.

There are many ski and bike rent facilities in the area, so you don't have to bring equipment with you, if you like to travel light.

Szczawnica is the perfect spot to head out into the Pieniny Mountain wilderness, which has long been said to be one of the most astounding and varied landscapes within the Carpathian Range.

As the winter and summer months are the most popular among tourists, they are perhaps the most busy too.

For anyone who seeks quietness, and prefers a more contemplative atmosphere, we recommend spring and especially autumn—the perfect times to enjoy peaceful, solitary walks.

Rooms between 15 and 15 EUR

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+48 791 903 330

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