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Since January 2007, Renate Roliga Resor has its own 13 000 square meters large old Swedish style village, which after extensive renovation and extension to a wonderful holiday village. Which is now available for travel groups and all interested guests. We can accommodate large groups or families.

The village consists of three former typical Swedish farms and is located in a wonderful forest near Vimmerby.

Rivers and lakes can be reached on foot or by car. The whole environment is natural and relaxing.

We gave the village the name "Lilla Sverigebyn" because it has typical red wooden houses in the old Norse style. Enjoy the charm of old times while at the same time you use all the modern facilities you know from home. Here you will experience how man and animal live together in peace and harmony.

In our kitchen, we work as much as possible with organic food connected to the season, preferably coming from our region and partially from our own garden. None of our delicious dishes contain any meat or other animal based ingredients, other than Qourn which contains small amounts of egg as a binder.

Rooms between 860 and 1360 SEK

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Brånhult 251
+46 492 92012

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