About The Hotel

We are a small cooperative wishing to live with what the Earth gives us, create autonomously our work, eat healthy food, seek satisfaction in what we do as individuals and as a group, choose and experiment sustainable life-styles respectful of the environment and of people.

We decided not to stay “on top of a mountain” but to be near to a city and to bet also on the economic sustainability of the project. We believe in diversity, biological and cultural, as a value that guarantees our future. We exclude meat from our menus for a healthier diet and to safeguard the environment. We try to educate for sentiments respectful of the Earth and it’s inhabitants. We offer a hospitality that is not only consumerism, but is also reciprocity and participation. With sobriety and our contradictions we are trying to realize a more human economy.

The restaurant activity has more than 10 years experience in vegetarian cuisine and uses 100% organic products, paying great attention to freshness, seasons and specializing in recipes with wild and cultivated herbs. Our menu offers vegetarian dishes coming from the local tradition and in general from the Mediterranean area.
The restaurant is open from march to november (Friday to Sunday), from December to February (only Sundays) and on new year’s eve.

Hospitality on our farm is informal and simple, favouring a more direct and open relation, however always respectful with visitors. We are part of a bio-ecological agritorurism network certified by ICEA and A.I.T.R. (the Italian Association for a Responsible Tourism), whose main principles are to foster a sustainable fruition of local social, cultural and natural resources.

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Address / Contact

Via Tolara di Sopra 78
Ozzano dell'Emilia
051 796643

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