About The Hotel

The restaurants offer wide range plates from all over the world, all vegetarian or vegan.
The food is made with love and praised by all.
Special dishes are prepared for people with different needs such as gluten free, sugar free, lactose free etc.
The ingredients which are used, are of high quality and fresh.
Our income keeps up hundreds of animals in the shelter.

Rooms between 99 and 117 USD

Address / Contact

32km route San Ramon to La Fortuna
Costa Rica
+1 408 215 1000

Hotel amenities

Internet Free wireless internet
Restaurant We have 2 vegetarian and vegan restaurants
TV 32" LED Screens with Satellite channels
Accessible rooms
Free parking
Outdoor pool
Pets allowed

Nearby Veggie Places

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Swimming pool Lobby
Rooms Breakfast dishes
Vegetarian Taco Vegetarian Hamburger