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As of 2005 SOLIMAGO has also become an AGRITURISMO. Being an enclosed courtyard, it is perfectly fit either for people looking for a rural retreat, or for families seeking a quiet and safe place for children. Two very old stone cottages were restored in the courtyard, both according with the principles of the eco-bio architecture. Our guests will enjoy a total privacy, living in completely independent cottages, surrounded by silence, at the rhythm of a natural harmonious stream.

At SOLIMAGO everything feels deliciously rural and peaceful. Guests could visit the COSTANZA FATTORI’s Historic Villa, which dates back to the 15th century. In 1859 it was owned by our forefather Luigi Casnici, mayor of the village. In this same village, on the 24th of June, a generous, unforgettable medical assistance took place during and after the bloody battle. You can see the military objects found on the battlefield and a lot of other antiques collected in the small family Museum.

Guests can have blissful walks over the hills, that were once theatre of the famous Battle, recalled by 19th century Italian painters in many works. You could discover, among common oaks, a special evergreen one: the S. Louis Gonzaga’s Oak, a very rare botanical sort. You could taste wild vegetables and fruits which freely grow in a green and uncontaminated surrounding. You can reach the Red Cross Memorial (built by architect Lambertucci in 1959 for the 100th anniversary of the battle) and then proceed until the SPIA D’ITALIA, the gorgeous medieval Tower (1022 A.D.), where, on a crystal clear day you can enjoy a spectacular view from its roof.

Rooms between 90 and 220 EUR

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Via Napoleone III, 37
+39 0376 855109

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