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La Ferme du Bois-le-Comte (the farm of the count’s forest) is a century-old farm that we have transformed into a wonderful house for guests and a residential centre for groups.

The farm enjoys a superb position in the midst of nature at one of Belgium’s most beautiful, quiet and energetically powerful sites. When we came here for the first time in 1996, we fell immediately in love with this place - and we still are!

In the former farmhouse we built guest rooms using wood and other warm, natural materials and colours. All rooms are individually decorated, while the authentic character of the house has been respected. This is the part of the centre where you can still feel much of the soul of the old house.

We kept the outside walls of the barn, but all the rest is brand new, ecological, light and very beautiful. On the first and second floors there are extra bedrooms and the temple room, the biggest of the 4 group rooms.

The dining room - lounge - bar on the ground floor was extended and fully renovated in 2006. It now offers enough space to host guests, groups and workers comfortably. This new room has lots of natural light coming from large window and doors on the inner courtyard. There is a sitting area with a wooden floor around the pellet stove and a piano with, according to experts, a marvellous sound. There is always herbal tea, grain coffee and water from our own spring for you here. You can also enjoy a frothy 'Orval' or try one of our special organic beers and wines.

The sheltered position of the courtyard (and the famous micro-climate of the region!) often make it possible to eat outside early Spring onwards. We are lucky, eating under the parasols and with views of the green hills is great!

Meals too are a treat at la Ferme du Bois-le-Comte. They are one of the reasons why many of our guests return on a regular basis. Our kitchen is vegetarian (mainly vegan), organic and delicious.

Before, the whole farmhouse was heated by wood fire stoves. This is still the case with most houses here. We kept some of the original stoves because they are cosy and add a flavour of romance. But for the rest we changed to durable alternatives: wood pellet burners, tiled stove and solar panels. (A pellet burner is an example of ecological high tech: low consumption, renewable fuel (pellets = unprocessed waste wood) and no CO2 emissions.) All the water we use flows from a natural spring and is drinkable. There is a purification installation to clean the dirty water after use.

The grounds cover 10 hectares: gently sloping hills with old oak trees, full of nice corners to read, lie in the sun or meditate. The tree hut is one of these favourite spots. Our horses have lots of space and we love to see them gallop over the hill crest. We have a big organic vegetable garden with a large polytunnel, an orchard, a fruit hedge, herbs, kiwi berries, paw paws and lots of other interesting things. We apply permaculture principles in the centre. We use the garden produce in our kitchen and in Summer we also often sell them, fresh from the garden. Along the pond there is space for a couple of tents. The pasture with the sweat lodge is a stunning site for vision quests and rituals. On the lawn next to the court yard there is a swing and a sand box.

La Ferme du Bois-le-Comte offers peace, space, warmth, and lots of pure, unspoilt nature: fresh and unpolluted air, clear spring water, fragrant wood fire, marvellous star-spangled skies and... heavenly silence. If you are looking for sparkling accommodation away from the crowds we will be happy to share this gorgeous place with you. Welcome!

Rooms between 100 and 106 EUR

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Bois-le-Comte 1
La Ferme du Bois-le-Comte
+32 61 32 99 20

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