About The Hotel

Accommodation is in a refurbished traditional island cottage which used to be our home. We have renovated it thoroughly using eco-friendly material and methods and built an extension for additional accommodation. There are solar panels for heating the water, wood burning stoves for space heating and, in the old cottage, compost toilets. The use of natural material such as wood, hemp and lime plaster, terracotta and natural slates contributes to a warm and relaxing atmosphere.
While we have modernised the buildings and made the accommodation more comfortable, we do not provide 5 star accommodation, nor do we wish to. We are very conscious of the ecological footprint we and our guests are leaving behind us, and hope that those participating on our retreats bring a degree of awareness, even mindfulness, to the ordinary aspects of living. Thus we will remind you to be sparing with the use of electricity, to conserve water, to participate in the the celebration of delicious, fresh food by not bringing a stash of junk food. But all this being said, we are also not an ashram. Your stay should be fun, uplifting and relaxed.

The accommodation comprises 5 twins, 1 triple and 1 double. All rooms have sea and mountain views. There are four toilets/shower rooms and one toilet/ bathroom. Single rooms are sometimes available, depending on which course is taking place. For those on a tight budget, it is usually possible to camp near the centre.
All bed linen is provided except for towels which you will need to bring with you.

The food at the farm is strictly vegetarian. We pay great attention to the quality of ingredients we use and have spent a lot of time sourcing suppliers. Most (over 90%) of the ingredients and fresh produce we use are organic or home grown. We make a point of using local produce both from the island and Westport (including delicious farmhouse cheeses and 'real' butter available to us from an island farmer in the summer). We work on the principle that fresh is best, and are growing all our vegetables and some of our fruits in our gardens and polytunnel. We have milking sheep, and in the spring and summer, we produce our own milk, yogurt, and some of our cheese.
We are a member of GM-free Ireland Network and never use GM products. We value good, clean and fair food and work to defend biodiversity in our food supply, spread taste education and support producers of excellent foods.
Drinking water comes from a private spring near the house.
All our bread is home baked using organic grain.
We do our best to accommodate vegans, although they won't be able to eat all of what we cook. If you are on any other type of special diet, it might be possible to use the kitchen in one of the houses to cook your own meal. Email us before you book to discuss this.

Rooms between 30 and 100 EUR

Address / Contact

Clare Island
+353 98.25412

Hotel amenities

Pets allowed Well behaved dogs are welcome. It is also possible to bring horses, but at an extra cost.
Yoga Private or group classes available.
Kitchen Self catering options available
Other Horses. Instruction in Natural horsemanship, draft work and natural horse care. Riding possible for experience riders.
Courses in yoga, natural horsemanship, vegetarian cooking, cheese making, etc.
Internet There's Wifi in our house, but not in the guests accommodation, so Internet access is limited.

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