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Hotel Korinjak on the island of Iž is the only hotel on Croatian Adriatic coast with exclusively vegetarian diet and 12-year tradition of organizing the program called Vacation for the soul, which enables you to strengthen the mind, body and spirit, and thus take a further step to self-development and awareness in your life through lectures, seminars and exercises.

This place, situated on a strong energy point, will not leave you indifferent. Be a part of the program Vacation for the soul …
This year, 2012, which many call the year of evolutionary leap and positive transmutation because of the energy changes „as above so below“, we've prepared a program that will make your summer vacation at the hotel and camp Korinjak different, relaxing and quite likely - inspiring.

Surrounded by benevolent people who have decided to live their lives consciously, with famous lecturers and therapists, through socialization during vegetarian diet meals, with exercise, song, dance and all the benefits of staying at sea and in nature, we are confident that you'll feel full recovery on all levels of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body.
The magical place is waiting for you ...
Find your "tribe", explore new interests, meet interesting people. Discover the inspiration you need to take steps of change in your life, to fulfill your heart's desires and to achieve good relationships with yourself, your loved ones and the community. Fulfill your days with new knowledge, but also with laughter, love and togetherness.

You are a wonderful being, full of potential waiting to be discovered, so come to the island of Iž and become a part of our program at hotel and camp Korinjak.

Rooms between 70 and 140 EUR

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Veli Iž
Veli Iž
+38 523277064

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